SARLAC exists solely to promote the interests of the South Australian Rock Lobster Industry, and is governed by a Board comprising of industry leaders from each Zone together with an independent Chairperson. The SARLAC Board is supported by an Executive Officer.

SARLAC prides itself on a totally professional approach to representation of the rock lobster industry at the highest levels - this is facilitated through good governance procedures of the highest order.

The Southern Rock Lobster Industry is South Australia’s most valuable commercial wild-caught fishery, generating up to $280 million worth of economic activity for the State each year, with much of that supporting regional coastal communities and economies in the South East and Limestone Coast Region, in Port Lincoln and on the West Coast, Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island.

The fishery is also an important export earner for the State with around 90% of the total production being exported to China annually. The Chinese market reveres the Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii) as a super-premium seafood product with this reflected in other fine-dining markets around the World and domestically.

Fishery participants, together with SARLAC, pride themselves on the responsible approach to management of this highly sustainable fishery, conservatively managed in collaboration with the State Government, with negligible environmental foot-print due largely to the use of the ‘pot’ gear-type.

SARLAC maintains strong links back to grass-roots industry participants through close association with the South Eastern Professional Fishermen’s Association Inc (SEPFA) in the Southern Zone Fishery and also the SA Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishermen’s Association Inc. (SANZRLFA) in the Northern Zone Fishery.

SARLAC is also active at the national level and is the major stakeholder in Southern Rocklobster Limited (SRL), the national industry body across all of Southern Australia encompassing the relevant fisheries in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

SARLAC takes a proactive and professional approach towards stakeholder engagement and ensuring best practice in fishery management. SARLAC was responsible for the establishment of the Clean Green program, a World-recognised, independently certified and audited, best practice environmental management system for the Southern Rock Lobster Fishery now managed by SRL and adopted across Southern Australia.

Our members are proud to sustainably catch and supply this superior, premium quality, wild-caught, product to the World market and to participate in such a vibrant and professional industry.